Class Descriptions

All classes at Harbor Yoga are safe, energetic and designed to reach a broad range of physical abilities. If you're new to a yoga practice, we recommend an All Levels Flow or FUNdamentals series to get you acclimated to the lingo and your own abilities physically, mentally and emotionally on your mat. These classes generally are paced slower and with more alignment cues to guide you through the Vinyasa sequence.

Power Vinyasa

This is our bread and butter at Harbor Yoga! "Power" refers to maximizing potential, rather than making any particular shape with your body.This class is designed to challenge all levels with a focus on breath and maximum participation at YOUR edge! We pump up the pace and volume...come ready to sweat!

Slow Flow

As the name implies, is a flow series focused on the basics: Breath and Alignment. We keep it fun with upbeat music! Whether you are brand new to yoga, or a vinyasa pro who wants to slow down and focus on precision, this class is for YOU!

Mom + Tot Yoga Party

Our popular mom + tot class incorporates lots of movement with stories, music and dance. The class is designed for 2-5 year olds, but with supervision younger tots are welcome to join in. Also "mom" can be any adult accompanying a tot/ preschooler...we love dads and grandparents, too!