Yoga Class Costs

  • Drop In $15 - we love when people walk into any class!
  • 5-Pack $70 *
  • 10-Pack $130 *
  • 25-Pack $250 *
  • 6 months Unlimited $600 (includes 2 Buddy Passes and free mat storage)
  • Student Drop In $10**

        Local First Timers: Try Harbor Yoga for a Month Unlimited for only $35! (I hate rules, but learned the hard way...here you go: You must live in Norther Michigan year round, purchase in studio, and your month begins your first class and ends 30 days later).

*Your packages are yours to use when and how you like. They don't expire and anyone you authorize to use, can...because...they are YOURS!

**Student Drop In rate is available for all current students.

Private Instruction

  • 1 Hour (in studio) $100; (at your location) $120
  • 90 minutes $120

Private instruction is a great way to begin a yoga practice, learn how to utilize yoga poses and breath to move optimally with injuries or limited mobility, and to advance more efficiently and skillfully an already strong practice. Weekly and monthly private instruction is available upon request.

Payment Options

  • Walk into to the studio and pay with card, check or cash.
  • We accept all major credit or debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.


At Harbor Yoga we believe that yoga should be accessible to ALL. If you have financial hardships, don't let that keep you from class. Talk to Lauri about your options!