Welcome to the Virutal Studio!

Join us for classes any day and time on Patreon. There is a variety of hour long and short classes, as well as tutorials for you to peruse at your leisure! Members have been enjoying the variety and freedom of this home practice option with the quality of direction and instruction you'd receive in our physical location. This is a great way to support your practice when you aren't in Harbor Springs. It's also a cost-effective compliment to your in-studio practice.

Here's what people are saying!

"I truly can't say enough what an amazing experience this has been for my body and soul ... I needed this more then ever right now. Each time I watch your class and follow along I feel so comfortable with you guiding me and taking the time to explain things along our journey." -Lindsey M.

"I love patreon and with this new job, it has made yoga accessible for this crazy schedule. Some of my favorites are the mini classes. The hip opener is a favorite. So is the mini lecture on Warrior, and Crow. You are so enjoyable to listen to and it makes me smile when you say "vinyasa or not", "no big loop" or "no biggie"." -Michele M.